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Group Show UNESCO Paris

International Year of Light  The Light Painting World Alliance was honoured to present top 100 works from light painters from around the world at UNESCO headquarters for the opening of the International Year of Light 2015 (19-20th January 2015). During the show / Official Closing Report / Many distinguished guests, scientists and world leadersattended the ceremony and learnt not…

Group Show UNESCO Year of Light , during

  Light professionals from around the world exchange and share their discoveries and their passions. Honored to be a part of the LPWA international light painting exhibition and to represent this light year 2015! Great thanks to LPWA team and to Fabrique Royale for making this happen along with all my light painting colleagues present! Leading…

New Town PlazaGroup Shows HONG-KONG / L’Embarcadère AUBERVILLIERS

Waves of Shining Light HONG KONG / LPWA Spécial Event AUBERVILLIERS These exhibitions contain top 100 artworks of 61 artists from 18 countries. [jj-ngg-jquery-carousel html_id=”jcarousel” gallery=”29″ order=”sortorder” width=”717″ height=”480″ visible=”3″ scroll=”1″ auto=”0″ gap=”0″ wrap=”circular”] Closing report Hong Kong / Closing report Aubervilliers/

Member of Light Painting World Alliance

Avec Jadikan Lp, Gus Mercerat, Dan Whitaker,Stephane Baba, Dazler Lightpainting, Quentin Bischbisch, Jester Lights, Julien Breton, Chukos Lpwa, Franklin Roulot, Chanette Manso, Diliz,Vince Dels, Swit Lightgraff, Rezine Light KS, Jean-Baptiste Wallers-Bulot, David Gallard, Garry Krätz,Barney Flashlight, Cisco LightPainting, Cisco Lightpainting, Jürgen Gnass, JanLeonardo Wöllert, et Konte-Rast Light-Painting, à Espace Pierre Cardin. Thanks to those who unit us and bring yet more attention to light itself.  Link to LPWA / Chanette MANSO    

Manifesto / Manifest de Light

No light , no sight. No light painting, no insight. No to light as a dogma. No to light painting as a fad. Light is matter. Light painting is an art form. Light enables reflection. Light painting induces inner reflection. Light travels through space. Light painting captures place.  


Coquelicot Tango A choreography where the danser’s veils transform like poppy petals in the wind. Une chorégraphie où les voiles de la danseuse se transforment tels les pétales de coquelicot dans le vent. Coquelicot Tango (1 min 09) Sélection officielle du Cinémabrut 2011 à Mouans-Sartoux. Maing of video / “La peinture lumineuse permet une abstraction…