Group Show UNESCO Paris

International Year of Light 

The Light Painting World Alliance was honoured to present top 100 works from light painters from around the world at UNESCO headquarters for the opening of the International Year of Light 2015 (19-20th January 2015).

During the show / Official Closing Report /


unesco-blkMany distinguished guests, scientists and world leadersattended the ceremony and learnt not only about the scientific and cultural significance of light but also that light is beautiful and is an important part of the creative arts and the emergence of light painting photography.

During the show / Official Closing Report /

Jadikan (France), Juls Boo (France), Chanette Manso (France), Dawn Lightgraff (France), Wen-Jie Yang (France), Jean-Baptiste Wallers-Bulot (France), Dan Whitaker (UK), Hugo Baptista (Netherlands), Janne Parviainen (Finland), Jenni Granqvist (Finland), Pala Teth (Belgium), Alfredo Alvarez (Spain), Mirko Panzeri (Italy), Eric Mellinger (USA), Rob Turney (Australia), Vincent Bruno (France), Cisco LightPainting (Morocco), Patrick Scherer (France), Gildas Malassinet (France), Maarten Takens (Germany), Stephane Baba (France), Sergey Churkin (Russia)