‘Il Congreso Internacional Lighart OVD’16’ seen by Chanette Manso

Light Art OVD16

first impressions by chanette manso

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Nice January 2017

When you are busy in your own corner you don’t necessarily realize whom in the light painting community you may touch, or how your work affects others until you go to an event like Light Art Congresso Oviedo 2016. As soon as I arrived, there was much joy in meeting friendly faces, many of my French colleagues and new ones from other countries. Also I was excited to see more women participating and passionate about making light works.

Speaking in a large auditorium full of light art specialists was impressive, but I felt so well received that it became delightful. The venue not only showcased my work among many other great light artists, but also allowed us to network and share in many ways.

In a smaller room, I enjoyed discovering the diversity and sensitivity of the participants in my hands-on workshop, How to make a skull illusion. Great press in the local news made things even more rewarding, along with the massive light painting in the cathedral square binding us and the public together in place and history.

The crowning ceremony was the standing diner, with lots of tapas and cider as a kick off for a night of light painting freely. Various groups of us drifted and merged into the surrounding park that was made dark especially for us.

From fireworks, to light stencils and a five meter home made light stick, I looked around thinking of fireflies in their natural habitat. I then found myself with a group of Spanish light painters, climbing a light post and reaching for the moon. These are the kind of magical moments that simply make the Congresso.

As a professional, being invited out of ones corner is essential and memorable, as peak events and experiences are key to being a part of the innovative and growing international light art community.

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