Originally from San Francisco, Chanette Manso participated in the popular belly dance culture and was a selected artist for the Burning Man Festival (1999), both experiences continue to influence her evolving aesthetic. Manso started painting with light at night on the banks of the Seine in 1991. While in Paris she earned degrees in communication and film, where artists like Jean Cocteau and May Ray inspired her with their inventiveness and poetry. More recently Manso discovered a parallel in her work with the American artist Barbara Morgan, capturing figures of dance as well as light within her compositions.  As early as 1993 she exhibited in the Palais de Tokyo Photography Museum, Paris.

Her recent fascination in symbolizing the dance of impermanence features works based on themes and icons such as Indian deities, Japanese cherry blossoms, and iconic warriors from popular culture. She currently travels between Europe and the US exhibiting, giving workshops and performing for a variety of audiences.

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